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Our service includes a comprehensive consultation to help identify project requirements or new business capabilities which your company would like to implement.  Our expertise includes;

  • Instruments and software for underwater inspection, visualization and measurement for structures in either 2D imagery or 3D point-clouds. 
  • Surface LiDAR instruments and software.
  • Software for point-cloud acquisition/processing/export to common engineering software packages.
  • Complete solutions allowing for modeling of structures which exist both above and below the waterline.
  • Water and environmental monitoring instruments.
  • Dredge positioning and operational hardware and software including in situ imaging of the work area.
  • ROV positioning sensors and software.
  • ROV Crawler Assemblies for non-magnetic attachment to ship hulls or other structures including pipelines.
  • ROV Hull Grooming attachments for vessels.
  • ROV, AUV, ASV Navigation and Mission Planning software.

It is important to note that we respect our clients' businesses. We are not a service provider of final data products.  We do not provide surveys or inspections.  

Mission statement  –  3D Spatial Solutions exists to help our clients find the best possible technical solution available for their budget and project requirements.

Coming soon - Exciting updates on new products to improve your business.

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Contact us today about increasing your efficiency, rapidly assessing condition of infrastructure and ways to maximize limited resources for IRM tasks.  We offer innovative thinking to increase your success and profit.

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